Virtualization solutions that improve availability, recovery and flexibility by making physical servers interchangeable. Celestia Solutions offers the industry’s leading virtualization platform & cloud solutions including the following:

VMware : vSphere ESXi

VMware virtualization solutions are built on a robust foundation proven in production environments. Included with the vSphere suite, ESXi is VMware’s most advanced “bare-metal” hypervisor, offering industry-leading performance and efficiency.

  • Robust and proven foundation
  • Ultra-thin architecture
  • Delivers a complete virtualization platform
  • Integrates with your IT infrastructure
  • Simplified configuration and deployment

Microsoft Hyper-V

An integral part of Windows Server that provides a foundational virtualization platform enabling you to transition to the cloud. With Windows Server 2008 R2 you get a compelling solution for core virtualization scenarios – production server consolidation, dynamic datacenter, business continuity, VDI and test & development.

  • Large memory support
  • Support for up to 8 Processors
  • Cluster Shared Volume support
  • Improved server utilization
  • Small footprint

Parallels ® Virtuozzo Containers

An operating system virtualization solution that creates multiple, independent containers on a single physical server and OS instance. Parallels Virtuozzo Containers is uniquely suited to Cloud server virtualization, enabling near instant provisioning and on-the-fly modification of hosting and Cloud server plans while delivering maximum density, cost efficiency and application performance.

  • Intelligent partitioning
  • Complete isolation
  • Dynamic resource allocation
  • Live migration
  • Mass management

Xen ® Hypervisor

The fastest and most secure infrastructure virtualization solution, supporting a wide range of guest operating systems including Windows®, Linux®, Solaris®, and various versions of the BSD operating systems.  It provides an abstraction layer that allows each physical server to run one or more “virtual servers”, effectively decoupling the operating system and its applications from the underlying physical server.

  • Xen ® Hypervisor
  • Paravirtualization
  • Hardware-assisted virtualization
  • Command line management tools
  • GNU General Public License (GPLv2)