Reliant Energy Goes the Extra Mile

I can’t imagine living in a world without electricity. I know we are extremely spoiled compared to our ancestors from the 1800s and earlier, and that just makes me all the more happier to have been born when I was. When I moved to Texas and started looking at a site that has a lot of information on it for different energy companies, it made me really appreciate what we have in today’s times. I looked at quite a few of the different companies like Green Mountain Energy, Centerpoint Energy and CPL Energy, but the one that I liked the best was Reliant Energy.

When I read that they were one of the first companies to provide energy to Texas customers, it sparked something in me. A company just does not stay in business for as long as they have without doing something right. I wanted a company that knew not only how to maintain their business but also how to make it grow with an ever changing world. There are a lot of energy companies that are no longer around because they did not change with the times, but Reliant is not one of them.

They have been making improvements on how they do business all along, including becoming more green since that is the way the world is also shifting. They even give customers of one of their plans a solar powered gadget that is perfect for active people who like to stay outdoors. My family and I enjoy hiking and camping a lot, and there are a lot of times when we have drained our batteries on our phones and flashlights. Having this gadget will ensure that we can charge just the essentials should this happen in the future. It’s hard to not appreciate a company that goes the extra mile for its customers!

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