Mourinho and Wenger Show their True Colours Ahead of Community Shield Clash

Wenger Will Not Listen to Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has been in the headlines again, baiting Arsenal ahead of the Community Shield clash between his Premier League Champions, Chelsea and Arsene Wenger’s FA Cup holders, Arsenal.

His latest gem is that Arsenal have spent more on players than Chelsea over the last few seasons. Wenger’s response is that ‘We do not listen to what people think or say.�?

Apart from Mourinho’s statement being untrue, it once again highlights the difference between the men and the football clubs concerned.

Mourinho is all about the sound bite and the instant reaction, whereas Wenger is more about integrity and developing something worthwhile.

We have spoken before on this site about the differences between Arsenal and the johnny-come-lately sides, specifically Chelsea and Manchester City. Many current Arsenal fans jumped on board during the glory days of the Invincibles and multiple trophy winning eras of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Most have since spent their time bemoaning the boss and screaming out for money to be spent, in order to buy back the trophies. Some even fail to see the progress made in the last two seasons and will not be content unless they are winning the Premier League and Champions League every season.

Meanwhile Wenger was paying off one of the very best stadiums in the country and quietly assembling and developing a squad of youngsters. This is the Arsenal way and always has been.

Can any true Arsenal fan say that they are not proud of Ramsey, Wilshire, Coquelin, Bellerin, WalcottGibbs, and Oxlade-Chamberlain? Yes, some of them were bought in from other clubs, but they were polished to shine like they do at Arsenal. I defy anyone to name a home grown player from Chelsea, that anyone outside of the Shed would admire.

The BBC put together this table which shows that Arsenal have not spent more than Chelsea in recent years, although they have made a larger net outlay.

In financial terms, that is the difference between an investor and a day trader. They are both ways to make money, but the distinction is, an investor builds something, that often enhances lives along the way. As does Mr Wenger, for the players in his care and a club that will be around and successful long after the Russian oligarchs and City oil Sheikhs have gone.

So if you are an Arsenal fan, who calls for the bosses head and spending like a drunken sailor, every time there is a slight set back, please bare these facts in mind, before you scream out again.

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