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Based on the ground of Microsoft, Silverlight is an excellent application frame-work mainly used for the development of Rich Internet Application (RIA).

  • Silverlight development is able to provide array of solutions in multimedia, graphics, animation and audio / video streaming.
  • Its run-time environment is available as a plug-in and is compatible with multiple browsers of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating system.
  • Solutions for Software development, web development and solutions even for mobile via Windows Phone 7 development.
  • Supports various other languages and frameworks including .net Development, Ajax / jQuery Development, C# Development etc.
  • Requires .Net framework and symphonizes with Extensible Application Mark-up Language (XAML) for vector graphics and animation.
  • Solutions for high-definition video and audio files, animation and rich internet applications.

Expertise in Silverlight Development in India

Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Offshore Software Development Company, we have the expertise on entire Microsoft platform including Development, .Net Development,, C# Development and Silverlight. These compelled knowledge on the entire Microsoft platform allows us to provide quality solutions in silverlight development in India.

  • We also have knowledge on various widgets required for Silverlight Development including Microsoft Expression Blend and design and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Solutions integrated with Ajax / jQuery Development, C# Development and 2D vector graphics.
  • Development of amazing app for Windows Phone 7 Development “F1 World” based on Silverlight technology.
  • Enhancement of your existing silverlight applications.

More importantly, we ensure that we keep on updating ourselves with the cutting edge technologies, updated by Microsoft. This allows us to provide our customers with the most up-to-date solutions which give them the advantage of forefront innovation of technology and upper hand advantage over their competition.

Our solutions in silverlight development in India consist of:

  • Development of Rich Internet Application
  • Development of several unique applications with JAVA, and audio and video streaming interface.
  • Windows Phone 7 app development with silverlight.
  • Web Design and Development projects, integrated with audio, video and flash animation.

Hire Silverlight Developer for Silverlight Development

  • Dedicated Silverlight Developer / project wise.
  • Full-time hiring – for 8 hours a day / 5 days a week.
  • Part-time hiring – 4 hours a day / 5 days a week.
  • Hourly based Silverlight Developer.