Development India

Developed and launched by Microsoft and based on Microsoft Active Server Pages technologies, is one of the leading web application development frameworks used around the world. development has always been the preferred choice to deliver high-end and scalable software, web and web application development. It has the potentiality to build the applications that can perform to the highest level of security, scalability and performance required for any mission critical applications. Some of the major features of Development include:

  • Delivers robust quality solutions.
  • Preferred choice for creating dynamic and robust websites, web services and web applications.
  • Language interoperability including language support such as C, C++, C#, JAVA / AJAX, Flash / Flex, Silverlight and many others.
  • Common Language Runtime advantage which allows code to be written in any .net framework.
  • SOAP extension framework allowing the components to process SOAP messages.

Advantages of Development in India with Celestia Solutions

  • Team of professionals consists of qualified developers / programmers who have in-depth knowledge on complete .net framework.
  • development team in India that can design and distribute absolute key solutions using the features of .net.
  • Expertise in programming to make your web applications radically much quicker & simpler.
  • Designing of innovative solutions in, meeting some of the most complex requirements in development in India.
  • Delivering a solution that works as an effective tool for our clients that can help them to increase their business potential.
  • Successfully developed many projects including CRM Development, CMS Development, and Ecommerce Development, large community and corporate websites and more.

Solutions via Development

  • Custom software development
  • Custom CRM Development & CMS Development development
  • Web development
  • Web application development
  • Improving / updating your existing applications