Looking for a House Near Galveston

I have just started looking for a new place to live, obviously since I am going to be working in Galveston that is where I need to find a house. I have managed to sell my house in Houston rather easily and I got a good price for it, so for now I am staying in one of those extended stay hotels., I have just been trying to figure out which power companies you choose from in the area I was looking at. It seems as though Reliant energy in Texas is the only one that I am familiar with, but of course you can not really expect to judge them by name recognition and get the best deal. Their rates are a little higher than two of the other three companies and Reliant never really struck me as being a great deal quicker to turn the lights back on after a storm. I am really thinking about whether or not I am going to be able to get a place on the Gulf of Mexico. I like to fish in the surf and I have nothing against girls in bikinis passing by either. I am sort of thinking that I might like to have a condo so long as the neighbors do not get too rambunctious during the work week. That way you have no grass to mow and you do not have much else in the way of maintenance to do. Of course I did not have a lot of lawn work in my old place either, but that was because the Texas heat kept turning the grass brown and killing it. So it is not as though you spend a lot of time mowing a dead yard and most of the time the heat is going to kill the grass down here

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