I Love the Way That My Custom-made Weapon Looks

My husband is the one who got me interested in his weapons. Left on my own previously, I never paid much attention. But he likes to go out target shooting, and when I married him, I began tagging along. This is when he would offer me a chance to shoot with him, and I really enjoyed doing it. Just a few months ago, he actually put together a handmade rifle for me that fits my exact wants and needs. He even bought me a couple of pink camouflage gun stock covers for it, too.

As someone who never cared much for camouflage items in the past, I was thrilled when I went to a sporting goods shop and found out that they sell pink camo. I now joke and tell everyone that pink camo is my favorite color. There are nightgowns, shirts, baseball hats and so much more, and I get whatever I can when we stop by the store where they sell so much of it. It really beats the drab green, black and brown that you usually see this print come in.

I have to admit that my weapon looks very girly, too. My rifle is purple. I always see weapons that are black, but my husband told me that you can get them in pretty much any color these days. The store where we normally shop at specialized in selling on black ones, so this is why my husband ordered all the parts and made a customized one for me. Even the barrel is purple! He also engraved my initials on the rife stock, but it was getting bumped around a lot and scratched up. That is why I bought a cover for it. The cover also has some little pockets for me to keep spare ammo so that I have it within easy reach at all times.

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