I Have to Get a New TV Set

Of course there is a limit to how long these new LCD sets last. You can only use them for so many hours, before the screen burns out. I am not sure that this is what has happened with this set, but it is not worth what it would cost to figure it out. As a stopgap I have the small screen that was in the bedroom, but I figure that I may as well wait until the TV deals for Cyber Monday come out in a couple of weeks. It is not like I am going to be looking to spend a huge sum on this though. I am just going to see what the deals are like. I figure that a set like the one that I had would hardly cost much money at all these days. It is just a barebone 37 inch set that I have had for at least four or five years. I think it has been longer than that in fact.

At any rate I am not at all interested in a lot of the gimmicks that you can get. You can buy a curved set, which is really impressive. I know a guy who has one and it is a really nice thing, but the price is pretty extreme as well. I just do not see that as a good place to put your money. I need a new TV set, but I still have to pay the house payment and the car payment and a half dozen types of insurance as well. All of that stuff is going to get a higher priority than this is going to get. In the final analysis you can live without TV, people did it for ten thousand years from what they told me in school.

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