Privacy Protection

Domain Privacy Protection feature allows to hide the domain name owner details from publicly-accessible database like WhoIs.  Enable Privacy Protection if you don’t want to share your information (i.e name, email address, phone number, etc) publically.

Managed DNS

Take full control of your domain by managing name servers and ability to modify record types like A Address, MX, MXE, CNAME and TXT at no extra cost.

Domain Forwarding

Redirect your domain visitors to any URL/website of your choice. This feature is quite useful for forwarding multiple domain name/tld (,, to a single domain (

Email ID

Converse with your professional email ID ( You can create up to 2 email accounts with a storage capacity of 100 MB per account at no extra cost.

Email Forwarding

It allows you to create and redirect the email addresses to other email accounts of your choice. You can use this feature to forward multiple email IDs to a particular email ID or to mail clients (such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Google).



What is a domain name?

A domain name is the web address with which people can locate your web page on the internet. For example: is a domain name.

What is a TLD and which one should I choose?

Each domain name is made up of a series of character strings (called “labels”) separated by dots. The right-most label in a domain name is referred to as its “top-level domain” (TLD). For ex: .com is a tld in www.celestiasolutions.comThere are different types of TLDs:

  • Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) – For example .com, .edu, .gov, .int, .net,.org
  • Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) – For example .uk for the United Kingdom, .in,,  for India, .ca for canada

You can choose the TLD that suits your requirements. For example : if you have international target audience then you can opt for .com (it is the most used one), if you have Indians as target audience then you can choose .in, and other Indian specific tlds.

It is a good idea to book all the important tld related to your domain, so that you can protect your brand name from other fake users/competitors.

Why should I register a domain?

It will help you in showcasing your offline business to millions of people who are searching online for specific product/services.

I have a domain. What else I need in order to make my domain work?

Just like you need land to build a home, similarly you need web hosting in order to host your domain. After hosting it, you need to build a professional and creative website.

I need to register a domain for lifetime. Can I do it?

No. You can book a particular domain for maximum 10 yrs. And you need to renew the domain as per the renewal date.
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