Contract for Regular HVAC Maintenance

Due to some unfortunate events, my company had to end its relationship with the contractor who we used to go through to service out HVAC systems, and so we are going to have to find a replacement in short order. I don’t want to get into the particulars about why we had to stop using our previous HVAC contractor, but it will suffice to say we were not completely satisfied with the service we were getting. I am looking for pricing info on HVAC service contracts in Manhattan NY and hopefully I can try to get some bids from a few contractors to see what the lowest bid will be.

We were with the previous contractor for close to 10 years, so I am probably in for a bit of a surprise for the costs of a new contract, since it has been so long since the company has explored hiring someone for regular HVAC maintenance and servicing. But given that we have a large number of HVAC systems, it is vital that we have maintenance performed on them on a regular basis, to keep them up and running. Further, a couple of our buildings are climate controlled, and it is even more imperative that the HVAC systems for those buildings are kept in good working condition, as we could stand to lose a lot of money if they were to break down for any significant period of time.

I am going to maybe give this process a couple of days, to try to decide on a contractor to hire for the job, but I do not want to wait any longer than that. Actually, if things go to plan, then it will not take that long to make a decision, but I want to give myself more time to allow for any complications.

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