Best back pain relief advice of 2019

Using a Personal Trainer for Herniated Disc and Back Pain Management

You may have heard of the advantages of therapeutic exercise for back pain management, but are uncertain where to start, or what exercises would be most beneficial. A personal trainer can provide the help you need. If you are looking for a personal trainer to help you with back pain management, call the Back Pain and Herniated Disc Treatment Centers to request a consultation today.

Advantages of a Personal Trainer
Therapeutic exercise can improve back pain, but not if performed incorrectly. A personal trainer can provide the guidance you need for more effective pain management.

  • Correct Technique: If you perform an exercise incorrectly, and your back is already in a weakened state, you may incur further injury. A personal trainer will show you how to perform exercises correctly to prevent injury and get the maximum benefit from your workout.
  • Correct Exercises: Most of us have limited time, and need to get the most out of every minute of our workout. A personal trainer can instruct you on which exercises will create the maximum impact on your lower back pain, and design a workout routine that will target the muscles that support lower back function.
  • Motivation/Accountability: Committing to a workout routine can be a challenge. A personal trainer provides accountability, which helps you stay focused and motivated to reach your goals.
  • Ongoing Support and Adjustment: A personal trainer also provides emotional support, and can make strategic adjustments to your routine as necessary. For instance, if you are no longer being challenged; or contrariwise, if you are pushing too hard and are at risk of injury or burnout.

A good therapeutic exercise program will provide greater flexibility and movement, and
strengthen the muscles that support the lower back. In addition, exercise helps support a healthy weight which contributes significantly to back health.

Use the better Firm support mattress for your bad back


Sealy Mattress

If you’ve been around for 125 years, you’ve been doing something right. Sealy is one of the most recognizable mattress brands around, and they have the experience and history that ensures that you are getting a high-quality mattress for a perfect night’s rest. Their instantly recognizable line of Posturpedic innerspring beds are time tested and proven technological achievements that are always looking forward and being improved; never willing to rest on their laurels, Sealy also offers coil free latex mattresses as well as memory foam mattresses that feature the latest advancements in man’s quest for the ideal sleep.

Innerspring mattresses use a system of high-quality coils – for Sealy, they start at a whopping 736 coils – that provide excellent support for your body, and most importantly, your spine. A three-zone comfort system comes standard, providing high-quality foam for extra support around the hips – Sealy’s Signature Posturpedic series offers up to seven zones, with memory foam for your head and knees, and latex support for your hips. And the unbiased design ensures that the mattress provides the right amount of firmness even close to the edge of the bed. If you are looking for the right upgrade to your current innerspring mattress, or want to explore the newest sleep technologies, Sealy is indeed the go-to source for all your needs.

Visit Sealy to learn more about their innerspring Posturpedic, latex SpringFree and PurEmbrace lines, and memory foam TrueForm beds – and to find a Sealy retailer nearest you.

Serta — “We Make the World’s Best Mattress”

You’ve seen the television commercials with the animated ‘Counting Sheep,’ campaigning to draw people away from their Serta mattress and back to the arduous task of counting in order to fall asleep. It’s a creative approach that was no doubt inspired by a great night’s rest. For over 70 years, Serta has been providing the latest innovations in mattress technology and is a proven industry leader that enjoys a strong reputation throughout homes and luxury hotels across the country.

From innerspring mattresses to even latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses, Serta offers a wide range of mattresses to buy. The Perfect Sleeper line has a Continuous Support innerspring that provides exceptional support and up to five zones of comfort cushions for different parts of your body. The Perfect Day collection is Serta’s top of the line mattress, where the Free Flex innerspring system is specially designed to conform to your body – combined with a memory foam topper, this is an exquisite way to sleep. If an innerspring mattress is not right for you, then the Luxury Response line provides memory foam and latex options.

Serta mattresses are so revered, that even fashion designer Vera Wang has designed a line of mattresses utilizing some of the most luxurious fabrics and materials available. Visit Serta today to buy a mattress online or find a Serta dealer nearest you.

Simmons Mattresses — “Sleep Better. Feel Better.”

For 135 years, Simmons has been a pioneering force in the mattress and sleep industry and has been the mattress of choice from historical figures like Eleanor Roosevelt to Henry Ford. Its Beautyrest line of mattresses has been a top seller since 1925 and has today evolved into one of the most advanced innerspring mattresses available. The unique Pocketed Coil system created by Simmons conforms to everybody shape to relieve pressure, and even prevents motion transfer so that couples can enjoy undisturbed sleep.

Simmons has several mattress lines to choose from, including one that was created just for kids. Simmons Beautyrest is available from its classic, pillow top form to the exceptional NxG series, which combines this incredible mattress with a layer of memory foam. Beautyrest Black, the luxury collection of innerspring mattresses, also offers a selection of fabrics from cashmere to silk. The Natural Care line designed by Danny Seo is a forward-thinking, eco-friendly selection of latex mattresses that are soft and supportive, but also hypoallergenic and even biodegradable. And for the most technologically advanced memory foam mattresses, Simmons presents ComforPedic, which conform to your body and dissipates heat and moisture to give you a snug, uninterrupted sleep.

Whatever Simmons mattress you choose, you are investing in a mattress and a company that prides itself on quality and has an enduring reputation for excellence. Learn more about the Simmons sleep experience with our Simmons mattress comparison.

King Koil Mattress — “Making Finer Quality Mattresses Since 1898”

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. King Koil is one of the oldest mattress manufacturers in the nation and has been providing high-quality beds at affordable prices since 1898. Today, through embracing all of the latest technological advancements in materials and construction, King Koil still provides popular innerspring mattresses that offer great value for the consumer. We offer King Koil mattress reviews on King Koil’s innerspring mattresses, including the Sleep iD mattress collection, Spine Support, Perfect Contour, Natural Response, and Laura Ashley line.

With all of the mattress options out there, King Koil distinguishes itself by focusing on competitive pricing, providing excellent customer service, as well as maintaining a level of quality that buyers seek in a mattress. They have a wide range of mattress products utilizing everything from high-quality foams to micro encased coils. Their Spine Support line utilizes a three-zone innerspring system for maximum support and comfort, and with a selection between Euro-top, pillow-top, plush and firm options, are great mattresses for a wide range of buyers. The Perfect Contour line is a five-zone innerspring mattress that features a combination of heavier and lighter gauge coils contour to your body, and the Everlast Quilt Foam cushions and supports you for one of the most restful sleep possible.

Best of all, you won’t feel like you’re paying an arm and a leg to purchase a King Koil mattress – this is an effortless way give your body and your mind the sleep it deserves. To learn more about how to get ‘more mattress for your money,’ read our mattress brand comparison or find the nearest mattress retailer near you.

AngelBeds Memory Foam Bed TV brand memory foam Alternative Mattress

Are you under the impression that you have to pay premium prices for a good night’s sleep? Angel Beds doesn’t think you have to. AngelBeds’ memory foam mattresses are an incredible TV brand memory foam alternative for those not ready to invest in a TV Brand memory foam; in fact, AngelBeds can offer savings up to over $3000 for a comparable memory foam mattress. AngelBeds is also a smaller company that offers a genuine hands-on approach that many people find to be a lot more reassuring when they are making such an important investment.

Ranging from an 8 inch to a 15-inch thick memory foam mattress, there is a perfect AngelBed mattress out there for everyone – the NASA developed high-density foam is packed with micro air cells that cushion you during sleep, and then return to their original shape until it’s time for bed again. AngelBeds also offers a Cool-Max option, which envelops your mattress in a piece of high-quality fabric that helps evaporate moisture and humidity that can otherwise ruin a good night’s sleep. When you lay down on this luxurious mattress, you will have no doubt that you will sleep better, as the bed will contour to your shape, no matter what position you like to sleep in.

Shipped directly from the factory to your bedroom, you’ll feel that this memory foam mattress was created personally for you. When you take your first sleep on it, you’ll wonder how you spent your life sleeping on anything else. View a side-by-side comparison of AngelBeds memory foam vs TV brand memory foam.

Dream Number Beds – Sleep Better. Dream More.

Sometimes one mattress is not enough. Even the most well-researched choice can feel incredible on one night, and then just not good enough on another. If you often feel this way, have you considered buying an adjustable air bed? Dream Number Beds is a leading provider of affordable air beds and adjustable mattresses in the U.S., putting control back into your hands when you need to adjust the firmness of your mattress or your position from night to night.

The air beds from Dream Number Beds is a Sleep Number Bed alternative and are some of the most technologically advanced beds on the market, using a unique design that utilizes air to provide a uniform cushioning system to improve your sleep. But this is by no means a flimsy, portable air mattress – this is a real bed that you would never know was adjustable just by sleeping on it. The vulcanized rubber is thick and durable, and the unique air chambers are fully controllable through a Digital Numeric Inflation system that is easy to read and even easier to control. Imagine being able to, at the touch of a button, make your mattress softer or firmer, and even for just one half of the bed. It will indeed change the way you look at sleep forever.

More affordable than the Sleep Number by Select Comfort, and highly rated by sleepers, Dream Number Beds has so much confidence in their mattresses that they offer the industry’s strongest warranty. Dream Number Beds features a 5-year replacement or repair program – 3 more years than their competition – and a 20-year limited warranty. Dream Number Beds provides free shipping for any of their sleep systems, with free return shipping, making their 90-day sleep trial truly risk-free. All orders are tax-free outside of Texas.