A Part Time Helper is What I Needed

I used to think that people who had a full or even part time helper in Singapore were snobs. Of course, I was much younger when I thought that. It was a time when I did not realize just how chaotic an adult’s life could be. Now that I am at that stage myself, I can definitely understand why someone would want a part time helper coming around to help keep the home looking as good as possible. For me, I was juggling raising a family of four, a full time job, and volunteering at my church at least twice a month.

There are days where I don’t feel I have even enough time to relax before I go to bed at night. That is okay though, because I love what I do. Continue reading

I Love the Way That My Custom-made Weapon Looks

My husband is the one who got me interested in his weapons. Left on my own previously, I never paid much attention. But he likes to go out target shooting, and when I married him, I began tagging along. This is when he would offer me a chance to shoot with him, and I really enjoyed doing it. Just a few months ago, he actually put together a handmade rifle for me that fits my exact wants and needs. He even bought me a couple of pink camouflage gun stock covers for it, too.

As someone who never cared much for camouflage items in the past, I was thrilled when I went to a sporting goods shop and found out that they sell pink camo. I now joke and tell everyone that pink camo is my favorite color. There are nightgowns, shirts, baseball hats and so much more, and I get whatever I can when we stop by the store where they sell so much of it. Continue reading

I Have to Get a New TV Set

Of course there is a limit to how long these new LCD sets last. You can only use them for so many hours, before the screen burns out. I am not sure that this is what has happened with this set, but it is not worth what it would cost to figure it out. As a stopgap I have the small screen that was in the bedroom, but I figure that I may as well wait until the TV deals for Cyber Monday come out in a couple of weeks. It is not like I am going to be looking to spend a huge sum on this though. Continue reading

Contract for Regular HVAC Maintenance

Due to some unfortunate events, my company had to end its relationship with the contractor who we used to go through to service out HVAC systems, and so we are going to have to find a replacement in short order. I don’t want to get into the particulars about why we had to stop using our previous HVAC contractor, but it will suffice to say we were not completely satisfied with the service we were getting. I am looking for pricing info on HVAC service contracts in Manhattan NY and hopefully I can try to get some bids from a few contractors to see what the lowest bid will be.

We were with the previous contractor for close to 10 years, so I am probably in for a bit of a surprise for the costs of a new contract, since it has been so long since the company has explored hiring someone for regular HVAC maintenance and servicing. But given that we have a large number of HVAC systems, it is vital that we have maintenance performed on them on a regular basis, to keep them up and running. Further, a couple of our buildings are climate controlled, and it is even more imperative that the HVAC systems for those buildings are kept in good working condition, as we could stand to lose a lot of money if they were to break down for any significant period of time.

I am going to maybe give this process a couple of days, to try to decide on a contractor to hire for the job, but I do not want to wait any longer than that. Actually, if things go to plan, then it will not take that long to make a decision, but I want to give myself more time to allow for any complications.

Reliant Energy Goes the Extra Mile

I can’t imagine living in a world without electricity. I know we are extremely spoiled compared to our ancestors from the 1800s and earlier, and that just makes me all the more happier to have been born when I was. When I moved to Texas and started looking at a site that has a lot of information on it for different energy companies, it made me really appreciate what we have in today’s times. I looked at quite a few of the different companies like Green Mountain Energy, Centerpoint Energy and CPL Energy, but the one that I liked the best was Reliant Energy.

When I read that they were one of the first companies to provide energy to Texas customers, it sparked something in me. Continue reading

Looking for a House Near Galveston

I have just started looking for a new place to live, obviously since I am going to be working in Galveston that is where I need to find a house. I have managed to sell my house in Houston rather easily and I got a good price for it, so for now I am staying in one of those extended stay hotels., I have just been trying to figure out which power companies you choose from in the area I was looking at. It seems as though Reliant energy in Texas is the only one that I am familiar with, but of course you can not really expect to judge them by name recognition and get the best deal. Continue reading

Amazing Deals on Direct TV

I am going to switch to satellite television in the near future, and I really want to find some deals for it, so that I know what I should be looking for when it comes to a good deal. I am not sure if it would be easy for me to find this info online, but everything is online these days. So I am going to start looking at info for satellite TV in my area and see what the rates are going to be like for packages in this area. I know that the rates are different, based on the services you choose, and it seems like these days, they only add more and more options to which sort of service you could get.Direct TV installation

I wish that they had the plan where you actually just picked every channel you want to receive, and then just pay for those channels. That would be best, but I am betting that it is never going to happen. At least, not in the way that the world of television works at the moment. Things are definitely changing though, and I do believe that is good thing.

One of the main reasons why I have decided to look into switching my service in the first place, is because I have been seeing all of the television commercials for satellite that have Rob Lowe in them, and he is a pretty funny guy. He is on a show that I really love in Parks and Rec, and beyond that I think he is a really good actor. Plus most of those commercials are pretty funny. I still think that my favorite one is the one with creepy Rob Lowe. That is the first one I saw though, and I still think that is probably the best of all of them.

Going Cyber Monday Shopping This Holiday Season?

It’s coming! You know you are holding out for Black Friday, but what about Cyber Monday HDTV deals for 2015. Those big online sales for electronic items that are everyone’s favorite begin on the Monday following that big Friday sale. People who are going to be holiday shopping are already planning the stores they are likely going to visit in the middle of the night during that major sales day that comes around each year. However, more people are also planning what online retailers they are going to visit for the Cyber Monday Deals.

This year it is probably going to be a story where even more people are waiting for the Cyber Monday deals to come out so they can just buy online without having to go leave the house. For the diehard shoppers who see the Black Friday shopping experience as a family and friend shared experience, they are likely going to be going out. It is fun if you have ever tried it and looked at it as a bargain hunter challenge. Continue reading