A Part Time Helper is What I Needed

I used to think that people who had a full or even part time helper in Singapore were snobs. Of course, I was much younger when I thought that. It was a time when I did not realize just how chaotic an adult’s life could be. Now that I am at that stage myself, I can definitely understand why someone would want a part time helper coming around to help keep the home looking as good as possible. For me, I was juggling raising a family of four, a full time job, and volunteering at my church at least twice a month.

There are days where I don’t feel I have even enough time to relax before I go to bed at night. That is okay though, because I love what I do. I was cleaning our condo on the weekend, but that took time away from my family on the only day where we could all spend the day together. My husband is the one who suggested that we look into bringing in a part time helper so we could keep our priorities straight. I had to laugh when he first mentioned it because of how I used to feel about people who did that.

I have my priorities straight though, and my family will always come first. I started looking at different cleaning companies because I wanted to find the one that would be the best fit for our family. I also wanted to find the one that we would feel comfortable having there if we were home at that particular time when she would be there. I did careful research, but it still did not take a long time to find the service we wanted to use. My life is still busy, but I have a gorgeous and clean condo to go with it!

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