Best back pain relief advice of 2019

Using a Personal Trainer for Herniated Disc and Back Pain Management

You may have heard of the advantages of therapeutic exercise for back pain management, but are uncertain where to start, or what exercises would be most beneficial. A personal trainer can provide the help you need. If you are looking for a personal trainer to help you with back pain management, call the Back Pain and Herniated Disc Treatment Centers to request a consultation today.

Advantages of a Personal Trainer
Therapeutic exercise can improve back pain, but not if performed incorrectly. A personal trainer can provide the guidance you need for more effective pain management.

  • Correct Technique: If you perform an exercise incorrectly, and your back is already in a weakened state, you may incur further injury. A personal trainer will show you how to perform exercises correctly to prevent injury and get the maximum benefit from your workout.
  • Correct Exercises: Most of us have limited time, and need to get the most out of every minute of our workout. A personal trainer can instruct you on which exercises will create the maximum impact on your lower back pain, and design a workout routine that will target the muscles that support lower back function.
  • Motivation/Accountability: Committing to a workout routine can be a challenge. A personal trainer provides accountability, which helps you stay focused and motivated to reach your goals.
  • Ongoing Support and Adjustment: A personal trainer also provides emotional support, and can make strategic adjustments to your routine as necessary. For instance, if you are no longer being challenged; or contrariwise, if you are pushing too hard and are at risk of injury or burnout.

A good therapeutic exercise program will provide greater flexibility and movement, and
strengthen the muscles that support the lower back. In addition, exercise helps support a healthy weight which contributes significantly to back health.

Use the better Firm support mattress for your bad back


Sealy Mattress

If you’ve been around for 125 years, you’ve been doing something right. Sealy is one of the most recognizable mattress brands around, and they have the experience and history that ensures that you are getting a high-quality mattress for a perfect night’s rest. Their instantly recognizable line of Posturpedic innerspring beds are time tested and proven technological achievements that are always looking forward and being improved; never willing to rest on their laurels, Sealy also offers coil free latex mattresses as well as memory foam mattresses that feature the latest advancements in man’s quest for the ideal sleep.

Innerspring mattresses use a system of high-quality coils – for Sealy, they start at a whopping 736 coils – that provide excellent support for your body, and most importantly, your spine. A three-zone comfort system comes standard, providing high-quality foam for extra support around the hips – Sealy’s Signature Posturpedic series offers up to seven zones, with memory foam for your head and knees, and latex support for your hips. And the unbiased design ensures that the mattress provides the right amount of firmness even close to the edge of the bed. If you are looking for the right upgrade to your current innerspring mattress, or want to explore the newest sleep technologies, Sealy is indeed the go-to source for all your needs.

Visit Sealy to learn more about their innerspring Posturpedic, latex SpringFree and PurEmbrace lines, and memory foam TrueForm beds – and to find a Sealy retailer nearest you.

Serta — “We Make the World’s Best Mattress”

You’ve seen the television commercials with the animated ‘Counting Sheep,’ campaigning to draw people away from their Serta mattress and back to the arduous task of counting in order to fall asleep. It’s a creative approach that was no doubt inspired by a great night’s rest. For over 70 years, Serta has been providing the latest innovations in mattress technology and is a proven industry leader that enjoys a strong reputation throughout homes and luxury hotels across the country.

From innerspring mattresses to even latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses, Serta offers a wide range of mattresses to buy. The Perfect Sleeper line has a Continuous Support innerspring that provides exceptional support and up to five zones of comfort cushions for different parts of your body. The Perfect Day collection is Serta’s top of the line mattress, where the Free Flex innerspring system is specially designed to conform to your body – combined with a memory foam topper, this is an exquisite way to sleep. If an innerspring mattress is not right for you, then the Luxury Response line provides memory foam and latex options.

Serta mattresses are so revered, that even fashion designer Vera Wang has designed a line of mattresses utilizing some of the most luxurious fabrics and materials available. Visit Serta today to buy a mattress online or find a Serta dealer nearest you.

Simmons Mattresses — “Sleep Better. Feel Better.”

For 135 years, Simmons has been a pioneering force in the mattress and sleep industry and has been the mattress of choice from historical figures like Eleanor Roosevelt to Henry Ford. Its Beautyrest line of mattresses has been a top seller since 1925 and has today evolved into one of the most advanced innerspring mattresses available. The unique Pocketed Coil system created by Simmons conforms to everybody shape to relieve pressure, and even prevents motion transfer so that couples can enjoy undisturbed sleep.

Simmons has several mattress lines to choose from, including one that was created just for kids. Simmons Beautyrest is available from its classic, pillow top form to the exceptional NxG series, which combines this incredible mattress with a layer of memory foam. Beautyrest Black, the luxury collection of innerspring mattresses, also offers a selection of fabrics from cashmere to silk. The Natural Care line designed by Danny Seo is a forward-thinking, eco-friendly selection of latex mattresses that are soft and supportive, but also hypoallergenic and even biodegradable. And for the most technologically advanced memory foam mattresses, Simmons presents ComforPedic, which conform to your body and dissipates heat and moisture to give you a snug, uninterrupted sleep.

Whatever Simmons mattress you choose, you are investing in a mattress and a company that prides itself on quality and has an enduring reputation for excellence. Learn more about the Simmons sleep experience with our Simmons mattress comparison.

King Koil Mattress — “Making Finer Quality Mattresses Since 1898”

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. King Koil is one of the oldest mattress manufacturers in the nation and has been providing high-quality beds at affordable prices since 1898. Today, through embracing all of the latest technological advancements in materials and construction, King Koil still provides popular innerspring mattresses that offer great value for the consumer. We offer King Koil mattress reviews on King Koil’s innerspring mattresses, including the Sleep iD mattress collection, Spine Support, Perfect Contour, Natural Response, and Laura Ashley line.

With all of the mattress options out there, King Koil distinguishes itself by focusing on competitive pricing, providing excellent customer service, as well as maintaining a level of quality that buyers seek in a mattress. They have a wide range of mattress products utilizing everything from high-quality foams to micro encased coils. Their Spine Support line utilizes a three-zone innerspring system for maximum support and comfort, and with a selection between Euro-top, pillow-top, plush and firm options, are great mattresses for a wide range of buyers. The Perfect Contour line is a five-zone innerspring mattress that features a combination of heavier and lighter gauge coils contour to your body, and the Everlast Quilt Foam cushions and supports you for one of the most restful sleep possible.

Best of all, you won’t feel like you’re paying an arm and a leg to purchase a King Koil mattress – this is an effortless way give your body and your mind the sleep it deserves. To learn more about how to get ‘more mattress for your money,’ read our mattress brand comparison or find the nearest mattress retailer near you.

AngelBeds Memory Foam Bed TV brand memory foam Alternative Mattress

Are you under the impression that you have to pay premium prices for a good night’s sleep? Angel Beds doesn’t think you have to. AngelBeds’ memory foam mattresses are an incredible TV brand memory foam alternative for those not ready to invest in a TV Brand memory foam; in fact, AngelBeds can offer savings up to over $3000 for a comparable memory foam mattress. AngelBeds is also a smaller company that offers a genuine hands-on approach that many people find to be a lot more reassuring when they are making such an important investment.

Ranging from an 8 inch to a 15-inch thick memory foam mattress, there is a perfect AngelBed mattress out there for everyone – the NASA developed high-density foam is packed with micro air cells that cushion you during sleep, and then return to their original shape until it’s time for bed again. AngelBeds also offers a Cool-Max option, which envelops your mattress in a piece of high-quality fabric that helps evaporate moisture and humidity that can otherwise ruin a good night’s sleep. When you lay down on this luxurious mattress, you will have no doubt that you will sleep better, as the bed will contour to your shape, no matter what position you like to sleep in.

Shipped directly from the factory to your bedroom, you’ll feel that this memory foam mattress was created personally for you. When you take your first sleep on it, you’ll wonder how you spent your life sleeping on anything else. View a side-by-side comparison of AngelBeds memory foam vs TV brand memory foam.

Dream Number Beds – Sleep Better. Dream More.

Sometimes one mattress is not enough. Even the most well-researched choice can feel incredible on one night, and then just not good enough on another. If you often feel this way, have you considered buying an adjustable air bed? Dream Number Beds is a leading provider of affordable air beds and adjustable mattresses in the U.S., putting control back into your hands when you need to adjust the firmness of your mattress or your position from night to night.

The air beds from Dream Number Beds is a Sleep Number Bed alternative and are some of the most technologically advanced beds on the market, using a unique design that utilizes air to provide a uniform cushioning system to improve your sleep. But this is by no means a flimsy, portable air mattress – this is a real bed that you would never know was adjustable just by sleeping on it. The vulcanized rubber is thick and durable, and the unique air chambers are fully controllable through a Digital Numeric Inflation system that is easy to read and even easier to control. Imagine being able to, at the touch of a button, make your mattress softer or firmer, and even for just one half of the bed. It will indeed change the way you look at sleep forever.

More affordable than the Sleep Number by Select Comfort, and highly rated by sleepers, Dream Number Beds has so much confidence in their mattresses that they offer the industry’s strongest warranty. Dream Number Beds features a 5-year replacement or repair program – 3 more years than their competition – and a 20-year limited warranty. Dream Number Beds provides free shipping for any of their sleep systems, with free return shipping, making their 90-day sleep trial truly risk-free. All orders are tax-free outside of Texas.

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Bitcoin Developers Are Backing Out- 2018 Bitcoin Crash

When it has to do with the more technical side of things, as previously mentioned, you must always do your research beforehand and make certain you are keeping updated with the relevant general and industry news to make sure the decisions which you’re making are the correct ones. Unfortunately these trusted solutions may be the absolute most useful, efficient, secure and comfortable choices to utilize Bitcoin in the era of an ever-growing mempool. There’s no particular use for it. There’s also what is referred to as a market order. Cryptocurrency purchase doesn’t supply a chance to trade on margin using borrowed capital. Why cryptocurrency is going to crash. Bitcoin 2018 crash

If you would like to accept numerous bitcoins to return to the request payment tab and generate a new payment request but leave the Amount portion blank. The ups and downs you see and only the proportion of individuals that are in it to try to grab a fast return without caring about the real value of Bitcoin. On the flip side, it lessens the value of dollars being held by investors.

Only invest money which you’re eager to lose. You should not invest money you couldn’t afford to lose. In reality, you might have made tons more money. If you don’t have a good deal of cash on you, you always have the option to purchase a little quantity of Bitcoin to begin with. Quite simply, the banks buying big amounts of bitcoin and selling massive amounts would only grow the awareness of bitcoin, make a great deal of libertarians incredibly rich, and after that offer people a second opportunity to buy it if they missed it the very first time.

Stop loss, then, is directed at minimizing possible losses, allowing you to withdraw the rest of the funds in the event of an undesired event. Bitcoin investment has ever been a tricky prospect, and this isn’t a definitive warning against it. Every sort of trading and investment carries an element of danger, and one needs to bear this in mind whatsoever times. Leveraged trading as an alternative to holding (i.e. holding) accentuates your losses along with gains. Building on that previous point, the shortage of a central trading exchange is another possible matter. Each currency is a computer document that’s stored in a type of digital purse. The currency is simply as great as everybody who owns it or would like to own it.

Bitcoin Stopping Development

From the start, Ethereum developers aim to develop asmart contract based name register, with which payments are easily sent to names or domains and so forth. The greater part of developers recognize this is a system which has fundamental difficulties. Years past, bitcoins early developers imposed a cap on the quantity of data it may process. The business operates one of the biggest marketplaces on the planet processing millions of dollars each month throughout the globe. Other businesses have followed suit ever since then. In this moment, customers won’t have the ability to cancel trades. The normal clients already permit the generation of ICAP addresses, but still, utilize the legacy address for a standard.

To safeguard your security, there are a couple of things you need to be on the lookout for. It’s a peer-to-peer system where transactions take place directly, as opposed to through an intermediary and the transactions are accepted by network nodes that are recorded on a ledger referred to as a blockchain. With Bitcoin, it’s possible to have a whole settlement system which is near-real moment. You might start to observe many more bitcoin ATM machines in the not too distant future.

Why Bitcoin Is Stopping Development

There are several technical limitations to bitcoin which prevent it from used in the exact same way. Definitely, the most popular method of owning Bitcoins is via third-party exchanges which facilitate the buy and selling of the digital currency as well as transacting Bitcoins all over the network. In spite of the fact that it is potentially lucrative to mine bitcoins, it isn’t for everybody.Bitcoin Doomsday

Bitcoin Stopping Development Options To Sell Now

Anyone who hates the notion of fiat money will locate their ideal foe in cryptocurrencies. The thought of bitcoin and regulation appears incongruous on its surface. The point is to stay rational and adhere to a pre-thought-out plan to stop from letting feelings interfere or take control. There are lots who adore the thought of freedom from government control. Checkout two of the biggest Bitcoin users predict a major Bitcoin crash.

The advantages of a sidechain solution are pretty apparent. Though risky, it can considerably boost the profit potential in the event of a thriving thing. Bitcoins success is dependent on really being a decentralized network. Thus it is not a foregone conclusion. It was hard not to see the enthusiasm for bitcoin among a variety of its proponents. Not a huge surprise, as other nations around the planet, have taken a similar approach in this respect.

A Part Time Helper is What I Needed

I used to think that people who had a full or even part time helper in Singapore were snobs. Of course, I was much younger when I thought that. It was a time when I did not realize just how chaotic an adult’s life could be. Now that I am at that stage myself, I can definitely understand why someone would want a part time helper coming around to help keep the home looking as good as possible. For me, I was juggling raising a family of four, a full time job, and volunteering at my church at least twice a month.

There are days where I don’t feel I have even enough time to relax before I go to bed at night. That is okay though, because I love what I do. Continue reading

I Love the Way That My Custom-made Weapon Looks

My husband is the one who got me interested in his weapons. Left on my own previously, I never paid much attention. But he likes to go out target shooting, and when I married him, I began tagging along. This is when he would offer me a chance to shoot with him, and I really enjoyed doing it. Just a few months ago, he actually put together a handmade rifle for me that fits my exact wants and needs. He even bought me a couple of pink camouflage gun stock covers for it, too.

As someone who never cared much for camouflage items in the past, I was thrilled when I went to a sporting goods shop and found out that they sell pink camo. I now joke and tell everyone that pink camo is my favorite color. There are nightgowns, shirts, baseball hats and so much more, and I get whatever I can when we stop by the store where they sell so much of it. Continue reading

Arsenal Take it to the Champions

Man City 1 Arsenal 1

Arsenal went to the home of the current Premier League Champions yesterday and showed them just how hard it is going to be to hold on to that title.

Manchester City’s squillion dollar squad have not been beaten at home in 32 matches, but came very, very close yesterday to losing that record. But for some poor finishing by Gervinho, they would have gone down 3-1. Arsenal dominated the first half and should have gone in two goals up at half time. But instead a poor attempted clearance by goalkeeper Vito Mannone allowed Joleon Lescott to head in David Silva‘s corner, five minutes before the break. City were more influential in the second half, but a late strike by returning centre back Laurent Koscielny ensured that Arsenal did not leave the north west empty handed.

The presence of Robin Van Persie may have ensured a win for the Gunners, but since his departure and the appointment of Steve Bould as assistant manager, Arsenal have become a much more rounded side than in recent seasons. Santi Cazorla is undoubtedly the most creative midfielder in the Premier League so far this season. Arteta is solidly consistent and Diaby is showing some of his old attacking form. Podolski always looks dangerous and Gervinho has already scored three goals, one short of his entire bag last season. Unfortunately Gervinho slipped back into his old ways against City on Sunday, busy and quick, but largely ineffective. Maybe he loses confidence against the larger sides. Aaron Ramsey, starting his first game of the new campaign, had his best outing in an Arsenalshirt for some time. Then we get on to the defence. They are now showing some of the miserliness of the Arsenal defence of old. They have conceded only 3 goals in 6 matches so far, two of them down to goalkeeping mistakes and the other was an iffy penalty.

Despite the loss of inspirational captain, Thomas Vermaelen, before the start, Laurent Koscielnycame in and ably deputised, although there was one very dodgy attempted clearance just after he scored the equaliser. GibbsMertesacker and Jenkinson have improved almost beyond recognition and the biggest compliment I can pay the latter is that Sagna will struggle to regain his place when he is back to fitness.

Neither of the Arsenal goalkeepers are perfect, but both have great potential and despite being at fault for City’s goal yesterday, Mannone has actually been the more effective in his appearances so far.

Once they add SagnaWilshire and Rosicky to the side that was fielded yesterday, Arsenal really have a squad more than capable of picking up the missing silverware from the last 6 years.

In other matches over the weekend, Manchester United and Chelsea both secured narrow wins, over Liverpool and Stoke respectively, to hold onto the first two positions in the table. Fulham had an away win and Wigan look like they will be spending another season in the danger zone. Southampton picked up their first points of the season with a 4-1 win over Aston Villa. Some commentators have been forecasting doom and gloom for the newly promoted side, but they did face the first, second and third placed sides of last season in their first four matches and were very competitive in two of them. Spurs secured their first home win over the entirely revamped QPR.

Despite Swansea’s good start to the season, they were given a football lesson by Everton at their own ground on Saturday, going down 3-0. Although I am not keen to see Welsh sides in the English Premier League, I think both of these honest clubs are worth two of the poaching ChelseaMan City and United’s of this world. Buying and selling players has always been part of the game, but when these clubs turn the great game of football into a game of Monopoly, something has to change.

This week sees the third round of the Capital One Cup (League Cup) and you can expect to see many of the senior clubs fielding youth or reserve players. But the Premier League will resume on Saturday with some big matches, featuring Arsenal against ChelseaManchester United against Spurs and Fulham against Man City should be interesting too.

Man United beat Southampton in Fergie Time

Results and Highlights from Round Three Matches in the English Premier League.

Fergie time lives on in 2012. Manchester United had trailed Southampton at their St Mary’sground from the 55th minute. But with only 3 minutes of regular time remaining the former Arsenalcaptain, Robin van Persie, stabbed home a rebound to put United on level terms at 2-2. As if that was not enough, Van Persie completed a hat trick in extra time to give United all three points.

After a nervous start Southampton took the lead in the 16th minute via a Rickie Lambert header. Van Persie evened things up with a half volley at the back post from an Antonio Valencia cross. Southampton reclaimed the lead 10 minutes after half time when Patrice Evra slipped and Morgan Schneiderlin headed home another goal for the home side. Shortly after Paul Scholes was introduced Man Utd were awarded a penalty, when Jos Hooiveld scythed down Robin Van Persie in the box. Van Persie took the penalty himself, but it was saved by Kelvin DavisSouthampton were looking good for the win when van Persie’s two late goals left them empty handed.

It was a game for the statisticians, with Van Persie scoring his 100th Premier League goal and Sir Alex Ferguson celebrating his 1,000th game in charge of the Manchester club.

Southampton now sit bottom of the Premier League, the only side with no points after 3 games. But they have faced the might of the squillionaires from both sides of Manchester and given a good account of themselves in both tests. It should not be long before they clock up their first Premier League points since their promotion.

Fans of Van Persie’s old club Arsenal finally had something to cheer about in their third fixture of the new season. After a week of criticism from some “fans” for not buying more players before the close of the transfer window on Friday, Arsene Wenger took his remodelled side to Anfield and picked up a 2-0 win, with both goals coming from new boys.

Unlike Arsenal’s first two opponents of the season, Liverpool did not sit with 11 men behind the ball and although they applied plenty of pressure Arsenal’s defence stood strong. Arsenal were regularly able to attack on the break and after a missed pass from Steven GerrardSanti Cazorla surged forward passing to Lukas Podolski in the box, who finished well. Liverpool’s attacking options were limited with Luis Suarez their lone striker and no plan B on the bench, having loaned Andy Carrollto West Ham during the week and not replaced him. Suarez had his regular game of making chances and throwing himself on the ground and calling foul at every other opportunity.

Raheem SterlingLiverpool’s 17 year old winger, was impressive, but many of the more established heads in the side were not. While Arsenal had very good contributions from Diaby, Cazorla, Podolski and Manone, who made some good saves in his second consecutive Premier League start. The game was sealed for Arsenal in the 69th minute when Santi Cazorla scored, beating Pepe Reina at his near post when he allowed Cazorla’s well struck effort to go under him. The chorus of Arsenal criticism on the web during the week was reversed on Sunday afternoon.

Liverpool’s loss was very much West Ham’s gain. After his loan move during the week, Andy Carroll starred in the Hammers 3-0 win over Fulham, setting up two of the goals himself. Carroll’s height and heading prowess is tailor made for Sam Allardyce’s long ball game. For which he has made no excuse. Some West Ham fans have been chanting “Are we Bolton in disguise?” But Allardyce’s response is that West Ham’s traditional brand of football got them relegated, which is hard to argue with after the way they dominated Fulham on Saturday.

West Ham scored in the opening minute, when Carroll headed down to Vaz Te who picked out Kevin Nolan and he drilled his shot home at the far post. Winston Reid powered in a free header for West Ham’s second and it was pretty much all over by half time when Matt Taylor struck in the 41st minute. Unfortunately Carroll limped off in the 68th minute when he leaped for a header and appeared to pull a hamstring. The resulting injury has meant he will miss England’s World Cupqualifying matches next week and Allardyce will be hoping he will be fit when the Premier Leagueresumes on Saturday week.

Elsewhere draws were in abundance. Everton lost their 100% start when they lost 2-0 at West Bromand Man City secured a 3-1 win over a completely revamped QPR. The west London side have either bought or loaned an almost completely new squad over the summer transfer window. But all other games finished in draws.

Spurs looked particularly woeful at home to Norwich. Drawing 1-1 in a match that Norwich should have won, had they put away their chances or been awarded the penalty when Steve Morrison was dragged down in the box by Benoit Assou-Ekotto. Some people are tipping Spurs for a top four finish this season. They have made some good buys, Dembele looked good on Saturday, but I think it is hard to see when they have sold two of their best players and replaced an established, successful Premier League manager with one who has only experienced failure in the league when he had the bottomless resources of Chelski at his disposal.

The Premier League takes a break for International fixtures next week, let’s hope all the key players come back without injury.

The English Premier League Week 2

Results and Highlights from the Second Weekend of Premier League Matches

The second week of the English Premier League saw the first Robin Van Persie goal for Manchester United and it was a spectacular one, while his old club Arsenal have failed to bag a Premier League goal since his departure.

Van Persie was included in the starting line up for United in their home fixture against Fulham, who were fresh off of their 5-0 victory over Norwich. Things started at a hectic pace with Damien Duff scoring for Fulham in the third minute from Bryan Ruiz‘s clever free-kick. But Van Persie put the hosts back on level pegging only 7 minutes later with a spectacular strike of Patrice Evra’s cross. Japanese midfielder Shinji Kagawa, who was also signed this summer, extended United’s lead putting away the rebound after Mark Schwarzer saved Tom Cleverley‘s shot in the 35th minute. But United were not finished and there was a frantic 10 minutes before the break where Kagawa hit the post and Rafael had a goal disallowed for offside before the he headed in Ashley Young‘s centre.

In the second half United eased the pace and came a cropper when Matthew Briggs crossed from the left and Nemanja Vidic back-heeled into his own goal. Wayne Rooney was introduced after 68 minutes but was stretchered off after he was caught in the thigh by Hugo Rodallega which opened up a large gash. It looks like Van Persie could be the lone striker for several weeks now.

In contrast there were no goals in Arsenal‘s clash with Stoke. Arsenal dominated most of the play but were unable to put away any of the chances they created through the crowded Stoke defence. This is just the sort of game where Van Persie would have stolen one or two for the Gunners at the end of last season. Podolski, Cazorla and Kieran Gibbs all had good games. But Arsene Wenger pulled off surprise substitutions, replacing Podolski and Cazorla when it would have been more logical to most observers that Diaby and Giroud would have been dragged. Giroud had a spectacular long range shot go just over the bar and missed an attempted scissor kick from inside the box, when he had time to control the ball before striking. The main positive for Arsenal from this game was that the defence is looking more solid than it has for some time and it may not be too premature to say that, newly appointed Assitant Manager, Steve Bould is having a positive influence after only two games. But most Arsenal fans are still wondering “Where will the goals come from?”

The Liverpool Manchester City clash was a lively one with Martin Skrtel scoring with a stunning header from a Steven Gerrard corner in the 34th minute. On the hour, with City still 1-0 down, Roberto Mancini shuffled the pack replacing last weeks man of the match Samir Nasri with Jack Rodwell and Mario Ballotelli with Edin Dzeko. This had the effect of releasing Ya Ya Toure further forward and he obliged with City’s equalizer, only 3 minutes after the change. But Liverpool took the lead again only 3 minutes later when Rodwell was harshly penalized for handball that he could not avoid and Luis Suarez put a 25 yard curling free kick out of Joe Hart’s reach in the bottom corner. But come back kings City did it again with a lot of help from Martin Skrtel. The first half hero turned villain in the 80th minute when he attempted to pass back to his keeper, not realising that Carlos Tevez was in easy reach. Tevez collected the ball and went around the keeper to secure a draw for the reigning champions.

Poor defending was in even more evidence from West Ham in their match at SwanseaWest Hamkeeper Jussi Jaaskelainen let a straight forward drive across the face of goal go under his body for Swansea to go in front in the 20th minute. As if that wasn’t bad enough James Collins gifted Swansea their second with a terrible short back pass which let in Michu to score. Swansea’s third goal was more of their own making; a fine move saw Danny Graham scoring from close range from Wayne Routledge‘s low cross. Swansea now sit second on the table with 8 goals from their two games.

Everton maintained their 100% record with a 3-1 win at Aston Villa and Chelsea stayed top having played three games and beating Newcastle 2-0 at home. Last weeks 5-0 losers Norwich and QPRfaced each other and honours were shared one all. Tottenham were held to 1-1 draw too, at home to West Brom. Bring back ‘arry. Another of Mr Rednapp’s old clubs, Southampton, went down 2-0 to Wigan at home.

The English Premier League 2012/13 Kick Off

Results and Highlights of the First Round of Premier League Games

After all the trauma of the summer transfers, well for some of us anyway, the new EPL season got underway at the weekend. The first round of games completed on Monday night with a welcome defeat for Manchester United, welcomed by everyone that isn’t a Man Ure supporter that is.

After United’s close season poaching of Robin Van PersieArsenal captain and top scorer last season, I suspect Arsenal fans were even happier with Everton’s 1-0 victory than Evertonthemselves. Van Persie started the game on the bench and only came on for the last 22 minutes and did nothing effective. After their huge investment in the 29 year old striker, United found themselves short of central defenders. Michael Carrick filled in for the injured Rio Ferdinand, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling and Jonny Evans and Everton took full advantage of that. Marouane Fellainiscored from a 57th minute header from Darron Gibson‘s corner. United keeper David de Gea, had kept Everton at bay with a series of outstanding first half saves before that.

The other side of Manchester scored a narrow victory over newly promoted Southampton on Sunday. reigning Premier League champions Manchester City got a taste of how hard it is going to be to retain that title. City scored a late victory after going 1-0 up then 2-1 down to the south coast side. Southampton played some attractive football and scored two goals in ten minutes after prodigal son, Carlos Tevez, had put City ahead. Rickie Lambert and Steven Davis, who both came on as substitutes, scored Southampton’s goals and an unlikely win, over City’s multi million dollar squad, looked to be on the cards. But Edin Dzeko brought City back on level terms and another Arsenaldefector, Samir Nasri, finished a man of the match performance with the winning goal in the 80th minute.

Big spending Chelsea started their campaign with a 2-0 away win over Wigan. Both of Chelsea’s goals came in the first 8 minutes of the game. £32m ($48m) new signing Eden Hazard cleared his man and put through a great ball for Branislav Ivanovic to score inside two minutes. Five minutes later, Hazard was brought down in the box by Ivan Ramis, who he had escaped to set up the first goal. Frank Lampard stepped up to take the penalty and put it under the diving Al HabsiWigan went on to dominate large chunks of play but never created many clear cut chances and were unable to claw back the early deficit.

Big winners on Saturday were Fulham and Swansea who both scored 5-0 victories over Norwichand Queens Park Rangers respectively. New signing Mladen Petric scored twice for Fulham on his debut. There must have been something in the west London air, as Michu and Nathan Dyer both scored twice at QPR to give Michael Laudrup a dream start as Swansea boss.

Things did not go so well for their ex-boss though. Brendan Rodgers‘s first Premier League game as Liverpool manager was a nightmare, going down 3-0 at West Bromwich AlbionWBA’s new boss Steve Clarke, who was sacked as assistant manager at Liverpool in the Kenny Dalglish clear out, got sweet revenge. Zoltan Gera, Peter Odemwingie and substitute Romelu Lukaku got Albion’s goals. They also missed a penalty after a foul by Daniel Agger that saw him sent off, Liverpool also picked up three yellow cards.

West Ham started their new Premier League campaign with a 1-0 win over Aston VillaKevin Nolan scored the Hammers goal and they had plenty of other chances, including an obvious penalty denied when Carlton Cole was shoved in the back by Villa defender Ron Vlaar.

Newcastle scored a 2-1 home win over Tottenham in a match that saw their manager sent to the stands for shoving a linesman. I am sure there will be further action on that, despite Alan Pardew’s apology. You cannot go around shoving match officials. Demba Ba put Newcastle ahead with a spectacular curling strike. Tottenham pulled one back through a scramble on the goal line and Jermaine Defoe slotting home for Spurs. But minutes later Ben Arfa was brought down in the box by a combination of poor challenges from Rafael van der Vaart and Aaron LennonBen Arfa himself converted the resulting penalty.

Arsenal new boys Santi Cazorla and Lukas Podolski were included in the starting line up against Sunderland, while Alex Song was absent, being mid-way through his transfer to Barcelona.

Cazorla had an impressive debut creating chances and forcing an excellent save from Sunderlandkeeper Simon Mignolet. He linked up well with the Arsenal midfield and Mikel Arteta in particular. Podolski, Diaby and Theo Walcott all had goal scoring chances, but were unable to get past the solid Sunderland defence and MignoletSunderland had a couple of chances themselves in the first half, one of which looked clearly offside to me and the Arsenal defence, but apparently not anyone else.

Diaby had a promising come back and despite the loss of Song, the Arsenal midfield looks to have plenty of depth, with Ramsey on the bench, Jack Wilshire and Tomas Rosicky yet to come back from injury and the strong possibility of signing Nuri Sahin on loan from Real Madrid. That aside, Arsenal could not breakdown the Sunderland defence, who often had 10 or 11 men behind the ball. Giroud replaced Podolski in the 64th minute and missed a sitter, set up by Cazorla, from 12 yards, not the ideal debut.

Chelsea have a mid week fixture against Reading on Wednesday, but it all starts again for everyone else on Saturday.

The London Olympics Day 15 – Another Super Saturday

Highlights and Results from Day 15 of the The London Olympics 2012

Who would believe that the second Saturday in the Athletics stadium could come close to the first? But close it came. It didn’t yield three Gold medals for the host country, like the first Saturday, but there was a remarkable second Gold for long distance man Mo Farah, a new world record for the 4 x 100M Relay and more entertaining antics from Usain Bolt and Mo Farah.

Things really kicked off with the first track event of the night, the Men’s 500 MetresMo Farah was a warm favourite and the hope for most of the 80,000 in the stands. But could he back up after the 10,000 metres and a heat for the 5,000? The man was on 20,000 metres of competitive running. The race started at a really slow pace and after a couple of laps Farah decided he needed to take the pace on himself. So he led from the front for a while. There were lots of lead changes with the Kenyans, Ethiopians and Bernard Lagat of the USA all trying to find the best position for the finish. With about 750 metres remaining Farah kicked very early for home. There was a lot of competition for the front spot over the last two laps, but coming into the home straight Farah opened his stride and no one was going to catch him. Dejen Gebremeskel of Ethiopia was right behind Farah and Thomas Pkemei Longosiwa of Kenya beat Bernard Lagat to the Bronze.

The Women’s 800 Metres was next on the track. There was much talk of Caster Semenya, the South African who has mainly been in exile since her World Championship win 3 years ago and the allegations and questions of her gender that followed. Semenya spent most of the race at the back of the pack and the Russians led. She kicked with about 130 metres to go but had let the lead runners get too far away it seemed. But she did manage to catch and pass all but Mariya Savinova of Russia, who won GoldSemenya could certainly have won the Olympic title had she ran a smarter race.

The US team for the Women’s 4 x 400 metres Relay were firm favourites and led the race from beginning to end. They finished more than 3 seconds ahead of the Russians, who claimed silverJamaica beat off a strong challenge from Ukraine to win the Bronze. This was the fifth successive Gold for the Americanwomen in this Olympic event, the third Gold medal at these games for Allyson Felix and the second for Sanya Richards-Ross. Is that domination or what?

The Men’s 4 x 100 metres Relay set up another showdown between the big guns of Olympicsprinting, Jamaica and the USANesta Carter and Michael Frater gave Jamaica a good start, but they were marginally behind the USA when Yohan Blake took the baton. The Jamaican changeover was better than the Americans and Blake ran a great bend to catch them and takeover. When Bolttook the baton Ryan Bailey was pretty much level with him, but only at the start. Bolt exploded down the home straight, he showed no signs of slowing at the finish and even dipped for the line. It was all worthwhile; the Jamaicans had set a new world record by two-tenths of a second. Bolt and Blake led the celebrations, throwing their regular poses and shaking hands and hugging everyone around the track. There was a minor dispute with an official as Bolt wanted to keep the baton, but the official insisted it was returned. But this is not a games of bureaucracy and it was presented back to him before the night was over. Bolt mimicked Mo Farah’s hands on head celebration, as Farah had imitated Bolt’s celebrations with some sit ups after the 5,000 metres. They later posed together as the two stars of the night at this London Olympics.

That finished the events in the stadium. Many people are sad to see the London games come to an end and I am one of them. It has been nothing short of magnificent.

Events were finishing all around London. The Football (Soccer) had a surprising end at Wembleywith the favourites Brazil being beaten 2-1 by Mexico. The defending of the Brazilians was atrocious, giving away the ball carelessly in dangerous areas. The first time was only 30 seconds after the kick off and Mexico capitalised through Oribe Peralta, who put away his chance for the fastest ever goal in an Olympic final. Other Brazilian mistakes saw Mexico hit the bar and no one was really marking Peralta when he scored his second, heading in from a corner. The Brazilians scored on 90 minutes through Hulk and they had a few minutes of injury time left to equalise and take the game into extra time. But they hardly deserved to and justifiably Mexico took the Gold.

The USA convincingly beat France 86-50 in North Greenwich to take the Women’s Basketball GoldUS forward Candace Parker top scored with 21 points. Earlier Australia had beaten Russia83-74 to take the Bronze.

Germany retained the Olympic Men’s Hockey title with a 2-1 win over the Netherlands. It was a close finish but with two minutes remaining, Rabente scored the winner from close range. Australiaagain claimed Bronze beating Great Britain 3-1 in the play off.

In Boxing 5 titles were decided at the Excel arena. Great Britain’s Luke Campbell beat Irishman Joe Nevin in front of a rapturous home crowd to claim the Bantamweight (56Kg) Gold. But the most impressive celebrations of the night came from Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk after beating Clemente Russo of Italy for the Heavyweight (91Kg) Gold medal. Usyk wound up events with some Cossack dancing, which could have been mixed with some break dancing, it was hard to tell. But it was the only celebration in this Olympics I have seen that has come close to Usain Bolt’s.

There are several events that wind up on this final day of the London Olympics The Men’s Marathon should finish around 1:40PM. Men’s Basketball has the play off for Bronze between Argentina and RussiaSpain face the might of the USA Dream Team for the Gold. There are five medal deciding Boxing bouts. Mountain Bike Racing, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Handball, Modern Pentathlon, Volleyball, Water Polo and Wrestling all come to a conclusion today. So the Londongames will go out with a bang not whimper.

This will of course all be followed by the closing ceremony, surprises have been promised. If they dragged out Paul McCartney for the opening, I am expecting a full Beatles reunion for the closing.

We will be back tomorrow to wrap up this magnificent London Olympics.

The London Olympics Day 14 – Another Day Another World Record

Highlights and Results from Day 14 of The London Olympics 2012

Day 14 at the London Olympics saw another world record broken on the track. The US Women’s 4 x 100M Relay team knocked almost half a second off of the record for the event that had stood since 1985.

The US team of Tianna Madison, Allyson Felix, Bianca Knight and Carmelita Jeter got off to a fast start and Allyson Felix ran a great second leg, by the time Carmelita Jeter got the baton in her hand she had a healthy lead on their biggest rivals, JamaicaJeter finished beautifully and was even seen checking out the clock on her way to the finish line. It was the first time the USA had won this event since 1996. The Jamaican team, which included the Women’s 100M Gold and Bronzemedallists, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Veronica Campbell-Brown, broke their national record, as did third placed European champions Ukraine.

The heats for the Men’s 4 x 100M Relay also provided lots of drama, with home team Great Britain finishing second behind the USA only to be disqualified for the final handover between Daniel Talbot and Adam Gemili. To be blunt the handover was a complete mess. It was not completed until they were outside the designated area, then Gemili ran into the next lane. That apart, Gemili ran a good leg. The USA had the fastest qualifying time for the final, but only one hundredth of a second ahead of Jamaica, who are yet to add the dual 100 and 200 metre champion Usain Bolt to their team.

The Men’s Pole Vault was won by Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie in a new Olympic record of 5.97 Metres. Australian hope and Beijing Gold medallist for the event, Steve Hooker, failed to register a jump and went out very early.

There was also a new Olympic record set in the Women’s Hammer Throw by Tatyana Lysenko of Russia, the Silver went to Anita Wlodarczyk of Poland and the Bronze to Betty Heidler of Germany. The event is still dominated by eastern Europeans, but Wenxiu Zhang of China came in fourth.

The Women’s 5000 Metres was a close run finish, with Meseret Defar of Ethiopia claming the Gold, ahead of Vivian Jepkemoi Cheruiyot of Kenya, fellow Ethiopian Tirunesh Dibaba scored BronzeBritish girls Joanne Pavey and Julia Bleasdale came in 7th and 8th, the first non-Africans.

The Women’s 1500 Metres saw an amazing one two from Turkey with Asli Cakir Alptekin and Gamze Bulut sprinting through the field in the home stretch to claim Goldand SilverMaryam Yusuf Jamal scored Bahrain’s first medal of these games in third place.

The final event of the evening was the Men’s 4 x 400M relay where the favourites, USA were surprisingly beaten by the Bahamas, who set a new national record. Trinidad and Tobago came in third only just ahead of Great Britain.

Boxing was semi finals night for the men and saw British boys Anthony Joshua, Fred Evans and Luke Campbell all qualify for finals to fight for Gold. On Saturday, bantamweight Luke Campbellfights Ireland‘s John Joe Nevin. On Sunday, welterweight Fred Evans faces Serik Sapiyev of Kazakhstan, before super-heavyweight Anthony Joshua meets reigning champion Roberto Cammarelle of Italy. However, middleweight Anthony Ogogo lost his semi-final to Brazil‘s Esquiva Falcao and had to settle for Bronze.

In Diving British hopeful and teen idol Tom Daleyqualified for the final, but only in 15th place, 78 points behind Chinese leader Bo QiuAustralia will be represented by Mathew Mitchum who finished 9th in the qualifier.

In Men’s Football (Soccer) the Bronze medal play off was won by South Korea who beat Japan 2-0 with goals from Arsenal striker Chuyoung Park and Jacheol Koo.

Great Britain claimed the Bronze medal in Women’s Hockey with a 3-1 win over New Zealand.

Sailors Mal Page and Mat Belcher scored another Sailing Gold for Australia in the 470 class. British crew Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell won the Silver.

Saturday night sees nothing but finals in the Olympic stadium, six of them, leaving only the Marathon to close out this fantastic Olympics on Sunday. Stay tuned, I’m even going to watch the closing ceremony this time.